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What is hardscape?
Hardscape is an industry term referring to paving, irrigation, lighting, etc. not actual landscaping (softscape).

What is a paver?
Pavers are tightly fitted, uniform units placed over a sand bed and a compacted aggregate base. Pavers are immediately ready for use. Stained or broken pavers can be easily replaced without patches, unlike poured or stamped concrete. The high-density units resist cracking from freeze-thaw cycles. Smooth surfaces allow for easy snow removal.

Can pavers be placed over an existing concrete or prepared surface?
Yes, an overlay may work for you. CHS will need to examine your existing surface to determine if there is proper elevation and drainage. If there is any existing damage or cracking, the surface may need to be removed.

What is segmental retaining wall / Modular Block Wall?
Segmental retaining wall (SRW) is a pinless and mortarless system. The wall blocks are engineered to be freestanding and interlock.
Interlocking pavers, flagstone and segmental retaining wall is priced per square foot. Each installation includes may variables therefore the cost may be different for your installation compared to the neighbors. CHS will send out our estimator, at no cost, to meet with you and measure the paver / wall area(s). At this time, you will also be able to view our job photo book. So, if you don't have an idea of what you want installed, let our photo book help along with the expertise of our staff.

What is efflorescence?
Efflorescence is a whitish powder-like deposit which can appear on concrete products. When cement hydrates (hardens after adding water), a significant amount of calcium hydroxide is formed. The calcium hydroxide is soluble in water and migrates by capillary action to the surface of the concrete. A reaction occurs between the calcium hydroxide and carbon dioxide (from the air) to form water insoluble calcium carbonate, then called efflorescence.

Efflorescence does not affect the structural performance or durability of concrete pavers. The reaction which takes place is the formation of water soluble calcium bicarbonate from calcium carbonate, carbon dioxide and water. It may appear immediately or within months following installation. Efflorescence may reach its peak in as short as 60 days after installation. It may remain for months and some of it may wear away. If installation takes place during a dry period of the year, the next cycle of wet weather may sometimes be necessary for efflorescence to materialize.

If there is a need to remove deposits before they wear away, best results can be obtained by using a proprietary efflorescence remover. The acid in proprietary cleaning chemicals is buffered and blended with other chemicals to provide effective cleaning without damage to the paver surface. In most instances one cleaner application is sufficient.

Homeowners Association Approval
A homeowner must request and receive approval from their neighborhood homeowners association (HOA) before CHS will begin an installation. CHS does not require a copy of the approval, but it is the homeowner's responsibility to submit the required paperwork to the HOA Board and follow up to receive approval. If CHS begins or completes work without HOA approval, the homeowner remains bound by the contract for full payment even if said HOA rejects the homeowner's submission.

Sprinkler Lines
CHS recommends the homeowner hire a professional sprinkler/irrigation company to cap off heads and/or remove sprinkler lines to ensure proper working condition of the system. CHS does not specialize in sprinkler systems, irrigation or landscaping. See "Sprinkler Addendum" provided by your estimator for head cap off or movement of sprinkler lines.

Talk with our estimator about installing lights within your paver patio, walkway, steps, driveway or retaining wall. The installed lights will be recessed into the pavers. See DESIGN OPTIONS for more details.

Sealing Pavers
Do pavers have to be sealed? No. Sealing pavers is not required to maintain the structural integrity of your installation. If you choose to have your pavers sealed, you will need to reseal or maintain the sealer every few years, just like a stained or painted deck. There are different types of sealers available. See DESIGN OPTIONS for more details.

Fencing / Handrails
All fencing and handrails must be installed by others. Contact your local fencing company for more information.

Continental Hardscape Systems, LLC offers a lifetime warranty on product and installation for as long as you own the home.

CHS reserves the right to take up to 30 days to make necessary repairs. Repair requests will be made via a phone call, email or fax to the office. Homeowner does not need to be present at the time of repairs unless requested by a CHS employee. Homeowner may be requested to "mark" or "tag" the repair areas. CHS does not warranty illumination products, only the installation of said products. Illumination product repairs are subject to an hourly charge. Manufacturing and maintenance information will be provided to the homeowner at time of installation for pavers, wall and illumination products. If this information is not received, please immediately contact the CHS office.

Repairs covered under the CHS Guarantee are as follows:
Loose pavers.
Shifting of pavers/wall due to natural soil movement.
Improper drainage within paver/wall area.
Defective materials.
Faulty workmanship.

Repairs excluded from the CHS Guarantee and subject to an hourly rate charge are as follows:

Pavers/Wall loosened by homeowner or guests via hands, feet, tools or heavy equipment not intended for contracted application.

Shifting of pavers due to heavy equipment not intended for contracted application or excavation/digging within 12" of contracted application.

Re-sanding of contracted paver application.

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